Chic Afrique is committed and dedicated to restoring cosmetic ingredients and recipes from Africa. We will try to unfold the mystery of Africa's age old secrets and make them available for you today!

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  • ORI – Yoruba for shea butter
  • OKUMA – Igbo for shea butter
  • AKI - Igbo for coconut
  • ADUN – Yoruba for something sweet
  • JOJOLO – Yoruba for jiggle
  • LOFINDA - Yoruba for perfume
  • IFE – Yoruba for love
  • SARONIA – Hausa for princess or flirt
  • OSHUN – Yoruba for goddess of love
  • WATOTO – Swahili for children
  • OYIN – Yoruba for honey
  • IYA OGAY – Yoruba for grand old lady
  • KAINJI – Hausa for largest water dam in West Africa
  • KARITE – French for shea butter
  • ODARA – Yoruba for beautiful
  • OBA – Yoruba for king