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Victoria Onwuchekwa

The laboratory and retail store of the Chic Afrique Herbal Line is located in Powelton Village on Lancaster Avenue in west Philadelphia. Founded in 1995, the facility is owned and operated by Victoria Onwuchekwa, M.S.C native of Nigeria, West Africa.

Victoria is a descendant of a family of Pharmacists from Nigeria. Her mother was one of the first female pharmacists of that nation. When Victoria requested career advice from her mother she was told to,’do something to benefit your people’. That was the spark that started Victoria on her journey to become ultimately the creator of the Chic Afrique Brand.

Her journey included a Bachelors degree in Physiology and Pharmacology and Master of Science degree in Industrial Pharmacy and Cosmetic Science, with her dissertation on Shea Butter and its applications and benefits as a suppository base.

With her extensive knowledge and background, she is incorporating various African traditional materials and ingredients used in cosmetics, in the conventional bases. This combination of African tradition, and modern technology has been displayed in a perfect and efficient way.

Beauty Naturally

It all started as most things start, small in the kitchen. Her dream was to research cosmetics raw materials from the continent of Africa and incorporate them in conventional formulations. Presently she is working with two popular West African ingredients: African shea butter and African black soap. She is also utilizing cosmetic ingredients line camwood (Nigerai) and Odo yellow wood(Nigeria).

It is an uphill task and uncharted territory but, Victoria feels confident that she will mesh African traditions with modern technology in a successful way.

The products of the Chic Afrique Herbal Line are appreciated for their exceptional quality and their originality. Every product complies with the international regulations of the cosmetic industry. They are not animal tested and are dermatological approved. The products of the Chic Afrique Herbal Line are 100% Natural. ‘My ultimate satisfaction is to see the smiles on my customers faces when the interact with the products That I have created’.

With this as her driving force, Victoria started Chic Afrique in 1990. A complete and evolving line of Natural Shea butter based collection of Skincare and Hair care beauty products.

Private Labeling

These products are segmented under several brands appealing to women and men of all skin and hair types. Chic Afrique products are uniquely designed with exquisite fragrances to appeal to the sophisticated consumer of today.

We are one of the few companies where products are still painstakingly made and packaged by hand. In this time of modern technology this is a significant and important fact, because soap bars are hand molded, butters and salves are hand poured in small batches, some slight variations in color and size may be present. However, the quality remains absolutely the same.

We market our products in many ways. Through the showroom on Lancaster Avenue, traveling to shows, conferences and festivals (which I love the most), wholesaling to other retailers and of course online.