Chic Afrique is committed and dedicated to restoring cosmetic ingredients and recipes from Africa. We will try to unfold the mystery of Africa's age old secrets and make them available for you today!

Private Labeling

For your convenience, we have created state of the art intensive and high performance skin and body product lines containing the best of nature’s ingredients and scientific technology.

With contemporary packaging, elegant jars and bottle,s you can apply your own labels or stickers to promote your name brand. You can choose from different groups: facial scrubs, moisturizers, nourishing creams, after sun care, anti-aging creams, natural fade creams, foot scrubs, botanical bath hand body oils, lip slaves, shampoos, conditioners, hair and body butters, body lotions.


Minimum order of (144) items of a single product

  • 144 items or more = 15% off the wholesale price
  • 288 or more items = 25% off the wholesale price