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Aki Body Butter

Aki Body Butter is a emollinent cream in the butters group (Okuma, Ife and Aki), with a delicious scent combination of almonds, coconuts, pineapples and lemon grass. You might be tempted to adorn a hula skirt and “get down”. It has an inviting light pink tinge to the cream, left by the alkanet root. It reminds you of the meat of a young fresh coconut. It is extremely protective because of its high content of coconut oil.

It is a slightly lighter butter than Okuma or Ife but just as emollient. Formulated with shea butter and coconut butter, and scented with essences of dark coconut, lemon grass and pineapple. Aki enters the room ahead of you and linger long after you are gone! Unforgettable!

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